Thank you for visiting my web site at the Institute for Psychotherapeutic Advancement.

You’ve just reached a very good place for help with your psychological problems.

In the following pages I will introduce you to myself, what I do and how I can help you.

As you go through my web site you will at times read about my professional opinions concerning the therapeutic process and how it ‘works’. This is how I do it and my opinions are based upon over 20 years of practice. At other times you will notice a more general description of psychotherapeutic service. This pertains to professionals other than myself. I hope this is not too confusing. I have developed this web site for two purposes: (1) to present a profile of myself and the type of therapy I practice and (2) to acquaint the reader with the network of affiliated therapists that I work with and that I can make referrals to in the tri-state area.

As you caption the areas below any question that may arise for you in selecting a therapist will most likely be answered. If this is not the case please feel free to email me at contact@psyadv.com (or go to the Contact Page) and I, or one of my colleagues, will be more than happy to eagerly respond.

I love email, so, if you are not ready to make an appointment email me and I'll respond to any question you have about yourself, your relationship(s) or your career. Till then.

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