Other Projects Directed By Michael Fischman

The Institute for Psychotherapeutic Advancement

A professional group consisting of State Licensed Psychotherapists providing Individual, Group and Couples Counselling 

Also the Institute is concerned with research into areas of Mental Health and related areas. 

Some of the research slated for development include:

-The under representation of Law Enforcement Officers and the need for support systems

-Incidents of alcohol abuse among Law Enforcement Officers and its relationship to impulse control and depression

-The psychological causes of somatoform disorders and their incidence in the general population of New York City

-Plans for the development of support systems for the Homeless populations in NYC

-Severe tattooing and its relationship to severe mental illness and anger management

-The relationship of alcohol addiction to childhood trauma

-Sobriety and the emergence of unconscious characters in the sober patient

Matchmaking Inkorporated
This is match-making service developed in conjunction with professional Associates.
Here an attempt is made to find matches for people on the basis of psychological compatibility.
Please Link to the web site for further information.

Shoshanna and Michael’s Elder Care. Inc  Coming Soon!
This corporation, developed by myself and my wife, serves the elderly and infirm. Here an attempt is made to provide adequate care for the elderly and home bound.
Careful consideration of clients include an in depth psychological evaluation of the client and his/her residence and support network.
Psychiatric and Medical back-up is provided when necessary.
The aim here is to provide a healthy and cheerful environment for the person under our care.
Home health aides and nurses are carefully back ground checked and supervised in groups on a weekly basis. In addition, site inspections are made weekly by staff.

Anger Management and Domestic Violence Associates, PCComing Soon!
Here Court Mandated referrals are made. This is an association of State Licensed therapists with specialties in Anger Management and Domestic Violence. The Association interfaces with the Courts in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Rockland, Westchester, and Suffolk Counties. An innovative treatment methodology is employed by trained  affiliates that effectively addresses the Court Mandated Client’s problem.

​​Renee’s Baby Sitting and Nanny Service, Inc.
A babysitting service with a psychological twist. Developed with my 19 year old daughter who is studying to become a Nurse Practitioner. Here a combination of psychological acumen and love lead to providing the client with a suitable fit for their babysitting, home care needs or Nanny Services. Some attention to helping the elderly is also involved. Volunteers are solicited from the community to assist the elderly who cannot afford to pay. Weekly supervisory meetings are required of all staff.